Bono Vox falando de Jesus

[Vidtastik id=22 ]I look to the scriptures for poetic truth as well as the sort of historical stuff I mean interested in and of course there was a history hysterical Jesus you know I’m talking about God oh right and do I see I get the perk the person of Christ is my way to understand God do you pray yes to whom or what do you press your right way to Christ yeah and what do you pray for afraid to get to know the will of God because then the prayers of more chance of coming true I mean that’s the thing of a prayer isn’t it I mean we don’t do it in a very lofty way in our family it’s just a bunch of us on the bed usually we’re very big bad in her house and all our we’ve prayed with all our kids we you know we just we read the scriptures we pray it’s not even regular sometimes if we go to church on a Sunday we go when the church is ended we’ll just go in on our own as a family for peace and quiet for peace and quiet and we’ll pray usually about people that we know who are struggling with something illness or what or who was Jesus as far as you’re concerned I think it’s the it’s a defining question for a Christian is who was Christ and and I don’t think you’re led off easily by saying a great thinker or a great philosopher or and you know because actually he went round saying he was the Messiah that’s why I was crucified crucified because he said he was the son of God so he either in my view who was the son of God or he was not no no no not yet rock-and-roll messianic complexes this is like I mean Charlie Manson type delirium and I find it hard to accept that all the millions and millions of lives half the earth for 2,000 years have been touched felt their lives touched and inspired by some no sir I just I don’t believe it so therefore it follows that you believed he was divine yes and therefore it follows that you believe that he rose physically from the dead yes yeah I mean I’m no problem with miracles living random I am one so so when you pray then you pray to Jesus yes the Risen Jesus yes and you believe that he made promises which will come true yes

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